5 Ways CenturyPromise App Enhances Plywood Consumer Awareness

Authenticity in plywood refers to the product’s quality, composition, and characteristics as advertised. Plywood authenticity is not a result of one or two factors but many, and consumers should be aware of these factors when making purchasing decisions.

Here are some essential authenticity factors to consider:

Type of Wood:

Plywood is layers of wood glued together. Hence they can be manufactured from various types of wood, each with its characteristics and properties. Authenticity is when the make and type of wood used to make that plyboard is disclosed and not exaggerated.


A grade is based on the quality of the plywood and its appearance. Authenticity entails when the plywood is accurately assigned a grade to which it belongs, such as A, B, C, or D.

Construction and Layers:

Plywood is manufactured with multiple layers or ‘plies.’ Authentic plywood is when the number of layers used is appropriate. Additionally, the veneers should be even and properly glued to ensure proper quality.


Plywood is constructed with various uses in mind. These uses prompt plywood to come in various thicknesses, which affect its strength and suitability for different applications. Authenticity is when each plywood is accurately measured, and consistency is maintained across the entire sheet.

Certifications and Standards:

Authentic plywood carries certifications from recognized industry organizations. These certifications assure the buyer that the plywood meets specific quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Price and Value:

Authentic plywood should be priced according to the grade it has and in line with its quality and characteristics. Consumers should be cautious of unusually low-priced plywood, as it may indicate subpar materials.

Enhancing consumer awareness about plywood authenticity has become the need of the hour. Manufacturers, retailers, and industry associations should provide clear and comprehensive information about all factors that affect authenticity. Educating consumers about the parameters to look out for and providing transparent labeling can enable them to make informed decisions. Based on the above parameters, buyers should check plywood authenticity and effectively choose plywood that meets their needs.

Here are five ways that the CenturyPromise App enhances plywood consumer awareness:

Educational Campaigns:

Comprehensive educational campaigns aimed at informing consumers about the various aspects of plywood and different parameters to verify before conducting a purchase will enable them to make informed choices. Information such as types of wood, the different manufacturing processes, grading systems, quality standards, etc, gives a clear idea to the buyer. Apart from this, user-friendly brochures, videos, and online content help consumers be aware of the market conditions.

Certification Programs:

Industry associations and regulatory bodies have established certification programs for plywood manufacturers. These programs involve rigorous testing and procedures to ensure that the manufacturers meet specific quality standards. Displaying these certification labels on products can help consumers easily identify high-quality plywood.

Transparent Labeling:

Clear and standardized labeling practices provide essential information about the plywood, such as its type, grade, origin of the wood, manufacturing process, and any relevant certifications. This transparency empowers consumers to make decisions carefully based on their specific needs.

Online Resources:

A website or an app dedicated to serving consumers and creating awareness regarding dos and don’ts will create a huge impact. It serves as a reliable source of information about plywood authenticity. Detailed guides, FAQs, tools, and even customer reviews help consumers understand plywood and its manufacturing process better.

Retailer Training:

Training and informative sessions conducted to impart knowledge to retailers and other buyers help create awareness. When consumers interact with knowledgeable and well-informed industry experts, they receive accurate information, which helps them make calculated decisions.

Final Overview

Enhancing consumer awareness is a continuous process and requires the collective effort of manufacturers, retailers, industry associations, and regulatory bodies. Century Ply takes big steps in empowering consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing plywood. A product of these efforts is the CenturyPromise app, developed with the hope of helping each buyer be aware of the product he is buying and its quality.


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