Advanced Brain Tumor Operation: Expert Surgery Innovations

Fighting brain tumours is as complex and daunting as finding their cure. It’s been a long time since the healthcare industry has been facing challenges posed by these complex tumours. Brain tumours affect a patient’s overall health as it disrupts the functioning of the brain resulting in behavioural and mental changes. However, with time, the healthcare industry has improved and so have the medical treatments for brain tumours. 

The field of neurosurgery has improved from performing brain tumour operations using surgical treatment to more advanced imaging technology that is helping detect symptoms and improve the survival rate of patients suffering from brain tumours. Let’s learn more about these advancements in brain tumour operation.

How Safe Is Performing Surgery on the Brain? 

Earlier, performing brain tumour surgery wasn’t easy. But with advancements in medical technology, it has become easy to operate brain tumours without affecting the healthy brain area. However, it requires expert neurosurgeons to safely operate on the brain without disturbing the delicate nerves. These specialists use MRI and intraoperative monitoring to locate the tissue and monitor its movement in real time. 

Brain Tumour Surgery Advancements 

Here are some of the latest advancements in brain tumour surgery: 

  • MRI and CT Scan 

MRI and CT scan are an important part of the operation that helps surgeons identify and locate the exact tumour location that is otherwise not seen with the naked eye. They provide detailed insights into the tumour, allowing neurosurgeons to plan the treatment accordingly without disturbing the healthy brain area.

  • Minimal Invasive Surgery 

Earlier, surgeries used to be complicated, whereas now, there isn’t just one surgery method. There are advanced surgeries like the keyhole and endoscopic surgeries. These have reduced the time needed to operate on a brain tumour while ensuring that only a small incision is made to remove the tumour. These surgeries mainly reduce the risk or complications that used to come with traditional surgery methods.

  • Targeted Therapy with Genetic Profiling 

Targeted therapy works by directly targeting the tumour using medicine or treatment, which works on shrinking the tumour. These therapies can be used before or after the surgery.  Genetic profiling helps identify specific growth cells or mutations that lead to the growth of cancer cells. By identifying these cells and understanding the patient’s genetic profile, neurosurgeons can draw a treatment plan to minimise side effects and drive better results. 

  • Comprehensive Care

Receiving proper care throughout the brain tumour treatment helps ensure better recovery. Patients with brain tumours must receive post-operative care, therapies, and monitoring to provide quality care for patients. 

How Does a Brain Tumour Operation Help Patients?

A few ways in which brain tumour operations help are:

  • Tumour Removal – The main agenda of the operation is to provide relief to the patient by removing the tumour, thus reducing headaches, seizures, and other problems. 
  • Increased Survival Rate- Removal of a brain tumour increases the patient’s survival rate. When benign tumours are removed, they can result in a complete cure, improving survival rate. 
  • Other Treatments Become More Effective- After a tumour is removed via operation, other treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy work wonders as the heavy cancerous cells are removed. When other treatments are used, they show effective results.
  • Improved Quality of Life- By reducing the tumour load, patients feel more confident when their neurological functions are restored and start working properly. They can then slowly return to normal life, activities and work while enjoying healthy overall well-being.  

Well, this was all about advancements in brain tumour operations. We hope you now have a better understanding of the latest advancements and benefits of going through the operation. The advancements help identify advanced brain tumour symptoms and treat them. 

The healthcare industry has been improving, and new treatments and technologies are being introduced to combat cancer. Every case is different and requires a thorough analysis and personalised approach to fight against brain tumour.

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