HDFC Infinia Credit Card – A Gateway to Premium Lifestyle

HDFC Infinia is one of the Best HDFC Credit Card that comes with exclusive offers in India, holding a commanding position like no other card does. This super-premium card is offered to selected customers on an invite-only basis by HDFC Bank. It offers benefits in varied categories like travel, rewards, shopping, dining, and many more. It is a great choice for high spenders, and it also offers high rewards.

It is a metal edition card that targets high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). Also, it offers a cheaper foreign currency conversion rate of 2% along with a complimentary membership to the Priority Pass Program. It considers the international travel needs of its premium customers.

Features of HDFC Infinia Credit Card

Mentioned below are the features of HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

  • Metallic Card
  • Complimentary nights and buffets at participating ITC hotels
  • Complimentary Club Marriott membership for the first year
  • Unlimited airport lounge access across the globe for Primary and Add-on member
  • 5 Reward Points for every ₹ 150 spent
  • Global Personal Concierge – 24 X 7
  • The lowest markup fee of 2% on all foreign currency transactions
  • There is zero liability for any fraudulent transaction made in an unfortunate event of loss of HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card if reported immediately to the 24-hour call center.
  • Up to 50 days of interest-free period from the date of purchase (subject to the submission of the charge by the Merchant)
  • Enjoy Revolving Credit on your HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card at nominal interest rate.
  • Convert all your big spends into EMI after purchase.

Documents Required

Mentioned below is a list of documents required to apply for HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

  • Income Documentation, such as a copy of your IT Returns, most recent salary slips, and Form 16.
  • Aadhaar Card or Passport as proof of address.
  • Two passport-size pictures.
  • Application Form duly completed.
  • A duplicate of your PAN Card or Form 60.
  • Aadhaar Card, Passport, or Driver’s License are examples of identity evidence.

Fees & Charges

Mentioned below are the processing fees to apply for HDFC Infinia Credit Card:


Type of Fee/ Charge Amount
Joining Fee · INR 10,000 (For credit cards sourced before 18 October 2021)

· INR 12,500 (For Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition)

Annual Fee · INR 10,000 (For credit cards sourced before 18 October 2021)

· INR 12,500 (For Infinia Credit Card Metal Edition)

Finance Charges 1.99% p.m. (23.88% p.a.)
Cash Advance Charges Nil
Fuel Surcharge 1% fuel surcharge waiver up to Rs. 1,000 each month
Foreign Currency Markup 2% of the total transaction amount + taxes

Who is Eligible?

HDFC Infinia is an invite-only card, hence one will get the card only if HDFC finds a person fit and sends an invite for the same. The criteria based on which HDFC selects its cardholders are mentioned below:

  • Very high annual income
  • High relationship value with HDFC Bank and exposure to its multiple products
  • Already using a premium card
  • Very high limits on existing credit cards

How to Apply HDFC Infinia Credit Card?

Via Online Mode: 

Mentioned below are the steps to apply for HDFC Infinia Card online:

Step 1: Open the official website of HDFC Bank.

Step 2: Click on the “Credit Cards” and then on “Apply Credit Card”.

Step 3: Select HDFC Infinia Credit Card.

Step 4: Provide the details required for KYC.

Step 5: Click on “Submit”.

  1. Via Offline Mode:

Mentioned below are the steps to apply for an HDFC Infinia Card offline:

Step 1: Visit any nearest HDFC Bank branch.

Step 2: The bank representative will assist the applicant with the application process.

How to Activate HDFC Infinia Credit Card and Generate PIN?

Mentioned below are the different ways to activate HDFC Infinia Credit Card and generate its PIN:

  • The first option is to generate a PIN via Internet Banking. Login to the HDFC net banking account and then generate/ change the PIN under “Manage Your Card”.
  • The second option is to visit an ATM. From the main menu, look for an option to generate a PIN.
  • Also, one can contact HDFC Infinia Customer Care on call or via email.

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Bill Payment

Mentioned below are the different methods to make HDFC Infinia Credit Card bill payment:

  • Login to the HDFC Internet Banking account. Under the option “Credit Card”, click on “Credit Card Payment” and then enter all required details.
  • Visit the HDFC BillDesk page, agree to the terms and conditions, and then click on “Pay”. Enter the details required like card number, email ID, and amount to be paid to make the payment.
  • The bill can also be paid via the HDFC mobile app. Under the option “Pay”, click on “Pay your Credit Card Bill”
  • Also, mobile wallet-based apps like Paytm, PhonePe, etc. can be used to make bill payments on a credit card.
  • One can also visit the HDFC Bank to make credit card bill payments via cheque or cash.

How to Register for Internet Banking?

Mentioned below are the steps to register for Internet banking:

Step 1: Open the official website of HDFC Bank.

Step 2: Click on “Online Banking”.

Step 3: Under “Credit Card Net Banking”, click on “Register Online”.

Step 4: Fill out all the details required.

Step 5: The registration is completed.

How to Block HDFC Infinia Credit Card?

Mentioned below are the steps to block HDFC Infinia Credit Card:

Step 1: Open the HDFC Bank Net Banking.

Step 2: Click on “Credit Card Hotlisting”.

Step 3: Now, click on “Block your Credit Card”.

Step 4: Provide the required details along with the reason for the block.

Step 5: Also, customer care can be called to block the card.

Step 6: Another option to get the card blocked is to visit the nearest HDFC Bank Branch which is a bit time-consuming method to get the card blocked.

HDFC Infinia Credit Card Customer Care

This service is available 24*7 including Sundays and holidays. Customer care can be contacted at 61606161 or 6160616 (prefix the STD code) for any queries or to report the loss of the card. Also, one can write and send the queries to email id [email protected].

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