How To Draw A Basketball Hoop Easily

How To Draw A Basketball Hoop. A basketball hoop is an orange rim attached to a backboard. Here basketball players try to pass the ball.

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A shot through the basket scores one, two, or three points depending on where the player is when he kicks the ball.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re passionate about sports and want to make it a theme in your drawings!

In this guide, we will learn how to draw a basketball hoop, an essential equipment in the sports game basketball.

We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a basketball hoop, summarized in 9 quick and easy steps. Plus, each guide comes with an illustration to make the whole process easier to follow!

How To Draw A Basketball Hoop

Step 1

First, draw a rectangular shape. This creates an outline of the shape of the board.

A basketball hoop is mostly made up of straight lines. Therefore, you may need a ruler to draw straight lines quickly and easily.

Step 2

Inside the panel, draw an outline that follows the rectangular shape. Then, inside the outline, draw a smaller outline of a similar shape.

It should form a parallel rectangular shape within the panel if drawn correctly. This adds yet another detail to the panel.

Step 3

Draw a symmetrical square shape in the bottom center of the board. This will outline the square opening just above the frame we will draw later.

Don’t forget to erase the part of the outline that overlaps inside the square shape! This will help keep your drawing polished and refined.

Step 4

Draw a side-elongated rectangular shape at the bottom of the square we drew in the previous step.

This forms the rim or rim where basketball players attempt to pass the ball.

Ensure the rectangle is slightly wider than the width of the square shape.

Step 5

Draw an open-bottomed square inside the square shape we drew earlier in step three. You should see two parallel square shapes if the drawing is correct.

Step 6

Draw two curved lines angled toward each other just below the border or frame. This should create a figure that widens at the top and gradually narrows at the bottom.

This will create the outline of the attached mesh under the border or frame.

Step 7

Now that we’ve outlined the mesh, let’s draw the distinct criss-cross patterns that mesh usually exhibit.

Continue drawing lines in a V shape just below the border or frame.

Step 8

Draw a second layer of V-shaped lines just below the ones we drew in the previous step.

However, the V shapes should match the gaps in the first layer this time. This should create a diamond shape on the mesh, as shown in the image above.

Repeat the same step under the second layer to create the third layer with the same pattern. Remember that the V shapes should match the inverted V shapes to form diamond shapes throughout the mesh.

Step 9

Complete the basketball hoop by drawing the last two layers of the V-shaped pattern just below the last layer we drew earlier.

At this point, 5 layers of the same pattern should comprise the mesh.

Note that the bottom layer shapes should be smaller than the ones above. This ensures that the shapes match the shape of the mesh.

Now that we have successfully drawn a basketball hoop, it’s finally time for the most exciting part. In this final step, we’ll color the basketball hoop to make the artwork look vibrant and colorful.

This step is optional, but we recommend completing it to get the most out of your experience.

The backboards come in various colors, while the basket or border is usually orange, similar to basketball. The board’s color depends on which team is playing on the field.

Your Basketball Hoop Drawing is Finished!

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