How to Repair Your Windshield Wiper Motor

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A windshield wiper motor is one of the most used accessories of a vehicle. These motors help to move wipers and clear away accumulated dust or debris on the windshield. But what if your vehicle’s motors stop working? You cannot enjoy driving on a rainy day or off-road due to visibility obstructions. 

However, you don’t need to worry about it. This article will provide a step-by-step method on how to repair a windshield wiper motor easily. These are the steps that you can follow:

  • Locate your windshield wiper motors
  • Remove the cover for accessibility
  • Unscrew the nuts and arms 
  • Fix the windshield wiper motor
  • Reattach and check the functionality

These steps can be taken to repair a windshield. Let’s proceed to find out their details.

Signs of a Faulty Windshield Wiper Motor

Before applying any solution to fix a windshield wiper motor, it’s important to understand the reasons. These are some signs that show you need to repair your wiper motor.

  • Electrical Damage: Like all other electronics in a car, wiper motors are susceptible to electrical damage. A shorting-out issue can make your wipers immobile.
  • Buzzing Noises: A windshield wiper motor can make buzzing or other noises due to technical issues. Wipers may also struggle to move when there is a hardware failure.
  • Control Switch Not Working: When your control switch stops working, your wipers cannot receive commands to move or clean. The control switch malfunction can occur for various reasons.
  • Loose Pivot Nuts: The nuts in the windshield wiper mechanism can loosen over time due to the frequent use of wipers. They should hold the wipers in place.

How to Repair a Windshield Wiper Motor

Are you wondering about resetting your windshield wiper motors? You do it by following the proper method and instructions. To help out your ventures, you can follow these steps one by one for a precise solution. 

Step 1: Locate the Windshield Wiper Motors

The location of wiper motors can vary in different models, and you can find them better by following your service manual. Sometimes, they are situated between the driver’s compartment and the car’s engine. In some models, you can find them on the vehicle’s firewall. 

Step 2: Remove the Cover

After locating the motors, you can remove the plastic cover, which is a barrier between your automobile hood and windshield. Then, find wipers that are usually fastened with clips under the covers. You can push the hood’s cover off with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 3: Unscrew the Nuts and Arms

Then, it’s time to remove the motor’s nuts. You can use a socket wrench to detach the wiper arm and wiper motor. Upon doing that, when you turn your windshield wipers on or off, the engine runs an entire wipe cycle and stops in the actual part position with removed arms.

Step 4: Fix the Wiper Motor

Once you have removed the wiper motor, you can clean all parts carefully and fix the issue or damage. In some cases, you may need a windshield repair service to maintain the functionality and integrity of wiper motors. Plus, you can also realign the wiper blades if there is any problem.

Step 5: Reattach and Check

The last step involves installing the motor and arms back into the mechanism. To do this, you can insert the arms into the motor socket and tighten the pivotal nut. After reattaching the wipers, you can test the functionality and replace the wiper blades if they still remain ineffective. 

Final Words

All in all, windshield wiper motors play an important role in maintaining visibility. If your vehicle’s wiper motors stop working properly, you can fix it by following the correct method. To help find the actual way, we have added a complete guide on how to repair a windshield wiper motor in the above article.

To apply our process, you need to locate your wiper motors first. Then, you can remove the cover, unscrew the nuts and arms, fix the wiper motor issues, and reattach it. If you’re unable to resolve your motors, you can seek professional assistance for windshield wiper motor repair service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a wiper motor to fail?

There might be different causes behind a wiper motor’s failure. Dust, debris, or grime accumulation is the most common cause of clogging in different parts. Faulty wipers can also strain the motor and prevent it from working smoothly. 

How to check if the windshield wiper motor is bad?

If your wipers are moving slower than usual or stop working completely, it may be a sign of a bad windshield wiper motor. Moreover, when your wiper motors start making humming noises, they are not in good condition, and you need to repair or replace them. 

How can I fix a slow wiper motor?

You can follow a few steps to fix a slow wiper motor. First, remove the wipers and take out the wiper mechanism. Then, clean the wipers and other small components. After that, repair the broken arms and reattach them to check if everything is fine.

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