Ideas for Customizing Frisbees, Flyers and Shaker Bottles with Custom Logo

Introducing your brand, event, or cause with customized promotional products is an excellent way to increase visibility and engagement. Three great items to customize with your unique logo or message are frisbees, flyers, and shaker bottles. With endless possibilities for customization, these handy giveaways allow you to get creative and reach your target demographic memorably and distinctively.

  • Customizable Frisbees for Brand Awareness

Thefrisbees with logo are a fantastic choice for community events, university marketing, and youth brand engagement. Spinning a customized flying disc printed with your branding is an interactive, eye-catching way to capture attention and associate your name with fun.

Full-color printing allows your logo and graphics to pop against the frisbee’s surface. Consider enlarging just a key design element like an icon or wordmark so it really stands out as the disc soars overhead. For maximum brand integration, you can also customize the frisbee color to match your company or event palette.

Beyond printing your logo, you can fully wrap the frisbee’s top and underside with creative patterns, artsy photos, or bold typography. Such wrap-around customization transforms the entire disc into a branding billboard and makes your logo impossible to miss. For extra flair, explore frisbee shapes beyond the traditional – star-shaped and boomerang discs have more surface area for getting creative.

  • Custom Flyers to Inform and Engage

Customized flyers are a staple of local promotion for good reason. When done right, these printed handouts catch eyes, convey essential info clearly, and can be widely distributed. Amp up your next flyer’s impact with an eye-catching logo and design.

Use your logo as a major graphic element at the top of the page. seeing that familiar brand icon will draw people’s attention and interest right away. Complement it with additional graphics like photos, illustrations, icons, or other visuals that reinforce key messaging.

Keep body text succinct with essential event/product details, contact info, and a clear call-to-action. Organize info cleanly with bullets, columns, headings, and whitespace to aid readability.

The customized flyers make ideal inserts for bags at conferences and community fairs. Their portable format enables recipients to conveniently carry your branded message with them. They also provide visual reinforcement when used to supplement other promotional channels like social media or email campaigns.

  • Promotional Shaker Bottles for Customer Engagement

Thecustom logo shaker bottle provides a useful giveaway that keeps your brand visible. These reusable bottles travel everywhere – to the gym, work, school, sports practice, and more. With every sip and shake, your logo scores valuable impressions.

Position your logo prominently on the shaker ball within the bottle for constant visibility. You can customize the ball color to match brand colors too. Print your logo or graphic on the outside of the bottle as well for extra reinforcement whenever it’s carried or stored.

Modern shaker bottles feature sleek tapered bodies that provide ample printable surface area. Use it to showcase vibrant patterns, bold fonts, inspirational quotes, or photos that support your brand story.

For fitness or sports-related promotion, encourage customers to snap photos of themselves using your custom shaker bottles and share on social media. User-generated content like this sparks organic interest and valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Customized Hats for Brand Recognition

Hats customized with your logo make excellent branded giveaways that recipients will wear proudly. Adjustable caps with a colorful embroidered logo on the front keep branding visible wherever wearers go. For athletic events, give away moisture-wicking trucker hats to beat the heat in style. Beanies printed with an all-over pattern or giant logo make a fun seasonal gift. Custom hats suit a wide range of recipients and serve as walking advertisements for your brand.

  • Custom Stickers

Fun logo stickers belong at any promotional event. Hand them out freely and attendees will proudly plaster them on laptops, water bottles and more. Circular stickers with a bold, one-color logo design provide versatile branding that sticks. Consider transparent background stickers that can adhere on any surface. QR code stickers are also great for sharing links and driving traffic. Custom die-cut sticker shapes add unique personality. Applied creatively by recipients, custom stickers act like tiny branding beacons.


With countless imprinting options, frisbees, flyers, and shaker bottles make it easy to put creative twists on tried-and-true giveaways. By combining your logo with vibrant colors, photos, graphics and more, you can generate excitement and achieve maximum brand exposure.

Distribute customized frisbees, flyers, and shaker bottles at upcoming promotional events and watch your branding make a memorable impact. These creative promotional products provide inexpensive yet effective ways to reinforce your message and make your logo unforgettable.

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