Know the Best Card Games to Play in India

Card games are well-known in India. To play card games online, sign up on a gaming site or download a card game app and start playing your favorite games. Online gaming has made it| easy for avid card game lovers to spend their leisure time participating in online card games.

Trending Card Games in India 

There is a wide variety of online card games. and if you are new to the world of online gaming, we have compiled the best list of card games you can play online.

  1. Call Break: This is a bidding game where you have to win the number of bids you make at the beginning of the game. You have to make at least one call and a maximum of 13. The number of calls chosen is the number of tricks you perform.

  2. Teen Patti: As the name suggests, it is a three-card sequence game. It is similar to Poker, where you can wager, call, raise, or fold. You call your bets before and can play blind or see your opponent’s cards and bet accordingly.

  3. Real Rummy: It is a skill-based game that requires extensive practice. You can find this game on the PlayerzPot app and start your journey with free pots before moving on to high-stake games. In this multiplayer card game, each player gets 13 cards. The task is to create two valid sequences. One must be a pure sequence. Discarding cards unnecessary for completing the sequences is essential in each round. In the end, the person with complete sequences wins. Real rummy also has multiple versions, which you usually play with money. The winner takes the money placed in the pot by all the players at the beginning of the game.

  4. Poker: It is a popular game that involves making a 5-card sequence. Maximum ten people can participate together in a poker game. Bets are involved, and this game is all about playing smart. A showdown of the cards at the end happens when players make a call to match the bet or raise it. But if most players fold, the one who doesn’t fold wins the staked cash. It is a game that involves numerous strategies that will help a player to win the game.

  5. Satte-Pe-Satta: This is a fun game that involves finishing your cards first if you want to win. Distribute the cards equally among players, and the 7 of Hearts starts the game. The players must build a sequence by playing either 8 or 6 of Hearts. You have to begin a new suit with seven only, and you can pass if you don’t have any suitable cards.

  6. Blackjack: In this game, the competition is against the dealer or the table, where your task is to draw cards close to 21 but not more. If your two face-up cards make 21, you win immediately.

  7. Bluff: This game is about deception, and the one who masters the art of deception is bound to win the bounty in this game. You have to play face-down cards after the dealing and mention their ranks. Other players have to figure out whether you are honest or bluffing.

  8. Donkey: This is a funny game where your objective is to form a suit of 4 cards with the same rank. Players give and take cards in a clockwise direction till they make their 4-card sequence. The person who fails to make the sequence in the round becomes the loser.

  9. Andar Bahar: This is a straightforward game that involves luck. You have to predict in which box the joker (the first card revealed by the dealer) will land; Andar or Bahar. If your prediction is correct, then you win.

  10. Spades: It is a skill-based card game where you make bids after seeing your cards. Each player has to complete the number of bids. You win points when you play the highest card in a round.
    You have
     follow the suit and play cards from that suit only. Play another card If you don’t have cards from that suit. The use of spade cards ensures your points if you play them strategically.


There is an array of exciting card games online. Hence, don’t wait and start playing on apps like PlayerzPot. Play big. Earn big. Make your hobby your profession and do the job you feel like doing.

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