Noida International Schools Are Some Of The Most Outstanding Ones In The Country

Noida has some of the biggest IT companies in the world, the headquarters of most of the Indian media houses, and many major industrial and manufacturing units. It is also emerging as a fantastic place to live in on account of its being a very well-planned and spacious city boasting outstanding infrastructure. It is hardly surprising that Noida is attracting residents from all across the country. What also helps is the fact that Noida has some of the best schools in the country. These include CBSE international schools, Cambridge IGCSE schools, and International Baccalaureate schools. 

The CBSE international schools are the most popular ones because they combine the best international practices and standards with the advantages that accrue from access to the number one national curriculum in the country. Let us check out some of the most outstanding Noida international CBSE schools.

Some Of The Most Outstanding Noida International Cbse Schools

1. Global Indian International School, Noida

Global Indian International School Noida is part of a globally renowned chain of international schools offering world-class pre nursery to grade 12 education. The school follows the Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula and provides its students with a slew of modern amenities and facilities on its sprawling and well appointed campus. The school also has some of the best teachers anywhere.

Known for providing its students with holistic education that gives due importance to both academics and extracurricular education, GIIS Noida has an enviable track record when it comes to its students obtaining admission to class XII. For someone thinking of getting their children to complete high school there, the class 12 fees 2023  is Rs.184, 972 (total annual recurring fee). 

2. Sapphire International School, Noida

Located in Sector 70, Noida, Sapphire International School is one of the best CBSE coeducational cities in the region offering fabulous education to students from pre-nursery to grade 12. Everything about the school ranging from its infrastructure to its teachers compares with the best anywhere. The school is a great believer in holistic education and therefore ensures that every child has the best possible exposure to academics and a range of extracurricular activities. 

Sapphire International School Noida operates on the premise that every child is a leader and does everything it can to hone their potential to be one. The school has achieved tremendous success in providing an education to its students that is in tune with the demands of modern times.  The school instills the best values in its students making them primed for success in whatever they take up in life.  This is amply reflected in the outstanding academic performance of its students.

3. Amity International School, Noida

Amity International School Noida is one of the best-known international schools in Noida offering access to the acclaimed CBSE syllabus. A nursery to grade 12 coeducational school par excellence, it boasts a world-class campus with every conceivable cutting-edge amenity and facility required to give its students world-class education. The teachers employed by the school too have a very fine reputation on account of their ability to help guide and mentor every child to perform to the best of his or her abilities and potential. 

The class XII fee 2023 to be paid by the science stream students is Rs.41,288 payable on a quarterly basis by existing students. The school has over the years acquired a formidable reputation for the ability of its students to do extremely well when it comes to higher education as well as excelling in their chosen careers.

4. Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Lotus Valley International School Noida is one of the most sought-after international schools in the city. Its sprawling and aesthetically designed campus is truly spectacular in the way that it looks and the vibe that it exudes. Any student would find it most conducive to learn, grow, and develop in such an enabling environment. 

Boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure and some of the most highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty anywhere it brings out the best in every child both with regard to academics and extracurricular activities. This CBSE international school is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones in Noida for its proven ability to make a winner and leader out of every student. This is borne out by both their excellent academic performance and their ability to excel in all manner of extracurricular activities.



The growth and expansion of Noida as a major urban area has truly been an outstanding one over the last few decades and thus it has become the preferred destination for a large number of aspirational people, especially in the north of the country. The fact that Noida has some of the best international CBSE schools in the country makes it especially attractive for families with young children, as they are assured of world-class education for their children. Going forward, we can expect Noida to have more such schools, as the city grows and expands to accommodate an ever-growing number of people.

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