Designing Websites for Virtual Reality: The Future of Orlando Web Design

As the web design industry constantly evolves, new styles and trends emerge frequently. Orlando web design has come a long way, from basic buttons to impressive parallax effects. Recently, VR design is gaining popularity as the next big thing, with its unique and innovative approach.

The VR revolution is imminent and tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple are investing billions into VR development. With this much investment, we can expect something significant on the horizon. In fact, experts predict that this VR craze will be even bigger than the introduction of mobile phones. 

The first company to create a VR product that consumers love and use widely will come out on top. So, are you ready to jump on the VR bandwagon?

How Does The Web Look In Virtual Reality?

The internet is experiencing a significant shift in the way we interact with web pages. With the use of virtual reality (VR), we now explore the Egyptian pyramids in 3D, uncover hidden tombs, and enjoy the company of a virtual guide. To enhance the experience, cool sound effects are also incorporated.

This technology might sound like science fiction, but the tools needed to make it happen are available. With powerful cameras, graphics processors, and VR headsets, this new era is now within reach. 

Although the gear is still expensive and bulky, the technology’s increased use will make it more accessible and affordable over time. This technology could revolutionize how we learn and shop, and we might wonder how we managed before without it in the future.

Introduction to WebVR

Virtual reality (VR) technology is improving fast, and a new Javascript API called WebVR is making it easier to use VR devices like the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. WebVR is now available in Firefox’s Nightly builds, experimental builds of Chromium, and the Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR.

Should Web Designers Worry On Designing For Virtual Reality?

Orlando web design experts need to pay attention because the industry is changing. Soon, people will want immersive 3D content that includes sound, touch, depth, and emotion. This means that even the most exciting 2D screens will seem old-fashioned.

Advancing User Experience

Designers need to create a new user interface for virtual reality (VR) environments, as the current one is too similar to using a traditional keyboard and touch screen. 

The Samsung Gear VR, for example, has a web interface that hovers in front of the user’s eyes, but this is not enough to fully immerse the user in a simulated reality. The old “window” metaphor used in traditional computing interfaces does not work in VR. 

To convince users of the benefits of VR, developers need to create a new paradigm in UI/UX that is better suited to the needs of VR devices. This will require using different types of input, such as head gestures, taps, and voice commands, and adapting the interface to the unique features of VR.

Best VR Practices For Orlando Web Design


In virtual reality, controls are mainly gestures as there are no buttons. There are two types of gesture controls: semantic and responsive. Responsive gestures are challenging as they need to consider object specifics. The more natural gestures used, the easier it is for the user to immerse themselves.


In virtual reality, everything is interactive, so users need constant feedback to avoid wasting time. To signal a completed action, use affordances or sound effects, like in e-commerce. For example, a cash register ding or virtual cashier dialogue. This makes VR more lifelike and immersive.

Reality Signals

Designers must help users identify what they interact with and how. To achieve this, designers use cues that are similar to those in the real world. These cues are called “affordances,” such as a doorknob to denote a door or travel point. Affordances should be intuitive, such that users instinctively know how to interact with them.

Concluding At

Currently, the limit of VR design is not technical, but rather the imagination of Orlando web design experts. This presents a challenge and opportunity, as VR design is a new and unfamiliar frontier.

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