Penile Sensitivity: Lifestyle Modifications and Treatments

If your penis is sensitive or not having any of them can be difficult. You require a compromise for a satisfying sex experience.

Penile sensitivity is an essential component of good sexual health and sexual experience. Unfortunately, most men are reluctant to address their issues. Why? Because, just like erectile dysfunction this topic is often viewed as taboo and men are embarrassed to discuss it publicly. But, the times have changed and the problems have become a lot more common.

With the help of a professional and utilizing advanced medical treatments, men can significantly improve the sensitivity of their penile. It doesn’t matter if it’s via treatment, medication or lifestyle adjustments taking care of this issue can result in a more satisfying and pleasant sexual experience. We’ll continue to learn more about penis sensitivities and how to enhance it.

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What Is Penile Sensitivity?

The amount of sensitivity or reactivity within the penis is known in the penile as sensitivity. To assist in sexual arousal and erection it is essential to experience some sensitivity in the penis. A lot or not enough sensitiveness however it can be felt by certain people, and could affect their lives as well as sexual behavior. Penile sensitivities can be a result of many different diseases and traumas or circumcisions, in addition to other factors.

A high degree of penile responsiveness can be beneficial to a certain extent however, in this article we will concentrate on the deficiency of penile sensibility. We’ll start by examining the cause first. Are you concerned about ED also, as most males? Take a look at Fildena 200 – ( today.

Causes of Reduced Penis Sensitivity

When you understand the root cause of the issue, you will have an increased chance of resolving the problem. What could be the cause of this particular issue? Here are possible causes

Medical conditions like the Peyronie’s Disease, Phimosis, Balanitis and others.

Sensitivity to low testosterone in the penile


Penis injury

Unfavorable masturbation strategies

Inactive lifestyle

Urinary tract infection


Certain medications can cause adverse effects.

Ways to Improve Penile Sensitivity

If this is bothering you, no need to slumber, there are many men who face similar situations. To ease your pain we’ve compiled several well-tested and efficient ways to awaken your sleepy legs.

Get your erectile dysfunction diagnosed

The reduction in the sensitivity of the penis is the sign of if your health is at risk i.e. that you’re close to experiencing an erectile dysfunction. The reason is the absence of blood flow. However, it is easily treated by prescription medications such as Fildena 150.

Don’t use excessive lubrication

If you push your erection into your vagina the vagina, there is no friction created and orgasm can be difficult to attain. Similar to when you utilize natural lubrication, less friction is produced, making it much easier to slide the penis into and out without a lot of discomfort. This is why determining a suitable amount of lube or not using any at all is essential for maintaining the appropriate degree of friction during sexual encounters.

Watch the way you sit

The pudendal nerve is responsible for transferring emotions from your private areas into your brain. It is possible to strain this nerve if you position yourself in a manner that places a lot of stress on the area between your legs, but not enough pressure on your buttocks. This could cause you to feel pain or numb there.

To prevent this from happening to avoid this, you need to change the way you sit, so that your buttocks absorb more of your weight, while the region between your legs absorbs less. Also, you should stand up at least once a week to ease the tension and stop the nerve from getting injured.

When masturbating, keep your grip loose

Don’t cling to the grasp that is your penis. According to research, those who take on more vigorous masturbation for longer periods of time their sensitivity to any type of sexual stimulation will decrease.

You can either put it off for good (which we’re aware is one of the most difficult things to accomplish) or take it easy.

Monitor your testosterone levels

When testosterone levels are low it may influence sexual arousal and trigger different physical ailments that include difficulty in focus, sleeplessness and body shape changes and sensitivity loss to touch in the penis. Doctors can assess testosterone levels and suggest the treatment of testosterone (TRT) to resolve these issues.

Have your medications checked by a doctor

If you’re taking antidepressants, antihistamines or opioids, this is the time to speak with your doctor and tell them about the issues you’re experiencing due to your medication.

They may reduce the dose or prescribe drugs that are less likely to cause negative side negative effects.

Consult your physician when taking Fildena 200.

Try therapy sessions

It’s totally normal nowadays to seek out a therapist for your sexual issues. Therapy sessions can assist you to examine any psychological causes which could be causing the sexual problems you are experiencing. Therapists can offer advice and assistance in locating healthy ways to cope and improve the overall quality of your life. In addition, they can assist you in developing strategies for enhancing relationships and intimacy to your spouse.

How to Decrease Penile Sensitivity?

If sensitivity to peniles is less of the issue, then too the issue could be a problem. How? Imagine your penis getting touched in public, and you’re not in control of your erection, it’s going to be embarrassing. What can you do?

Another option is to use spray or cream that helps to reduce the sensitization of your skin but only after consulting with the doctor. You can also discuss the problem with your doctor and figure out ways to deal with it.

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