How to React to Messages on Instagram 2023

The giant social media platform Instagram is best known for its amazing features. It will let you share your pics, reels, and whatever you want to share with your friends and families to get them updated with your latest activities.  You may get reactions and likes to your post. But time has gone when people are texting for all the posts that they liked, now everyone wants something new and desires to react in some new and unique ways.

Instagram has introduced its new and advanced feature of adding reaction emojis to messages on Instagram that many of us are still unaware of. 

If you are among those who are fed up with texting and want to react in some innovative ways. Then stay tuned with us, we will walk you through the ways on how to react to messages on Instagram.

How to React to Messages on Instagram?

Reacting to any message is pretty simple and straightforward on Instagram and, needs simply tap and hold the emoji that you want to react with.  Proceed to learn the step-by-step guide on how to laugh and react on Instagram.

  1. Update your Instagram:    All you need to do is to update messaging on your Instagram to the latest version as this feature is available in the latest version of Instagram. For this go to your Instagram profile> tap on the three lines button > Settings > Update messaging > Update.
  2. Go to Instagram Message:   Launch the Instagram app on your phone and navigate to the “Direct Message” section.
  3. Open Chat section:   Open the conversation on your Instagram about whom you want to react with emojis.
  4. Choose the Emoji: Here you‘ll find a list of Emojis, pick your desired emoji to share on your chat and press and hold on to the message to insert in your emoji.
  5. To add more emojis to your messages on Instagram tap on the + icon.

Instagram allows you to customize the emojis according to your choice.

How to Customize Instagram Emoji Reactions?

An abundance of emojis are available on Instagram, but we use just a few that we like. So, to save you time in searching, Instagram lets you customize the emoji according to your choice.

Once, you have customized your emojis, you don’t need to search for them, it will be available when you press and hold the message.  Here is how to customize emojis

  • All you need to do is Press and Hold the message you want to react with emoji.
  • A pop-up list of emojis will appear on your screen, tap on the + icon.
  • Pick the option “Customize” from the menu list
  • The entire list of emojis available on your Keyboard will appear.
  • Choose the emojis that you like most and want to tag with your message
  • Finally, tap on the “Mark option” located in the top right corner.
  • A list of your desired emojis will be added to the list of your reactions.

Now you are ready to react with your desired emojis to your conversation with whom you wish to do so.


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