Look Stunning And Elegant By Wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry.

A magnificent, fiery stone that is coveted for its vivacity and bluish beauty in the gemstone jewellery industry.

Lapis Lazuli is typically categorised as a copper carbonate mineral that grows in the oxidised zone of copper ore deposits. Due to its adaptability and popularity among gems and jewels, Lapis Lazuli jewellery can be utilised as both an accent stone and a centrepiece gemstone in exquisite gems like a Lapis Lazuli pendant, as well as that chic Lapis Lazuli ring.

Lapis Lazuli’s remarkable beauty can also be enhanced with other glistening stones, such as copper, gold, or even sterling silver jewellery, to further highlight its magnificent and amazing beauty.

It should go without saying that Lapis Lazuli jewelry’s exceptional and amazing healing capabilities provide some exceptional advantages for wearer.

Well, if you have finally made your mind to add Lapis Lazuli jewelry to your gemstone jewelry collection, then this complete guide to Lapis Lazuli jewelry will make you versed with every ounce of information that will help you make the best choice.

Know about the Beauty of Lapis Lazuli Jewelry.

The key aspect in Lapis Lazuli’s beauty that will cause you to choose it over other blue gemstones is its exquisite and intense blue colour. It has a brilliant blue hue that is reminiscent of the mighty sea or the limitless sky.

Lapis Lazuli jewellery, like that exquisite and glamorous example of Lapis Lazuli necklace and that bright Lapis Lazuli bracelet, takes on an eye-catching appearance thanks to these tones, which range from light and pale to incredibly deep and concentrated.

When paired and complemented with other stones or gems, this bluish beauty offers a rather contrasted appearance that accentuates the wearer’s overall charm.

Some specimens of Lapis Lazuli can also exhibit natural and intriguing patterns or formation, that collectively adds up to the striking beauty and visual appealing of Lapis Lazuli jewelry. From streaks to bands and to specks emanating green or black color are worth wearing and cherished. You can even see the inclusion of some black minerals like malachite or chrysocolla. The presence of these minerals is the main reason that why every piece of Lapis Lazuli jewelry is unique and contrasting in its own way.

Besides, Lapis Lazuli also displays a shining and crystal-clear transparency, through which light passes easily, creating an adorable and divine effect while simultaneously delivering dept and dimension to the majestic appearance of Lapis Lazuli jewelry. Alike opal jewelry, the chakra jewelry associated with the crown chakra, this reflection and refraction of light can also ignite an exquisite play of colors, which enhances the glamour and grace of Lapis Lazuli jewelry.

How to Choose Lapis Lazuli Jewelry?

Choosing the best and most authentic gemstone jewellery has grown to be quite a difficult chore as the market for gemstone jewellery has reached saturation. This is due to the entry of bogus players into the industry.

We offer four helpful hints for you that will help you select Lapis Lazuli jewellery of the highest calibre.

Observe the Color of the Specimen.

By meticulously examining its vivid and deep azure tone, which has specific patterns and inclusions, Lapis Lazuli jewellery can be distinguished from lower-quality pieces in the most precise and accurate manner possible. Watch out for a polished, smooth surface that doesn’t have any visible chips or cracks at the edges. The stone’s crystal must have a consistent, intense hue of blue.

Gracious Designs and Craftmanship

Another way to assess the overall quality and authenticity of Lapis Lazuli jewelry is have a swift look through its craftmenship and design palate.

The Lapis Lazuli stone should be well-entrenched on the metal, should have secure prongs settings. Give complete attention to the overall details of the stone to find any loopholes in its authenticity. Also, if there are any other gemstones attached, pay a heed to their structural settings too.

Check out for the Certificate of Authenticity

Even if your limited knowledge and understanding of gems and jewels is not allowing you to assess the quality of the stone, simply ask for the certificate of authenticity from the shop owner or the designer. A reputable brand or jeweler would never hesitate to let the wearer verify and satisfy himself as far as quality and authenticity is concerned.

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Be Precise About the Budget

One of the things to prioritize before going out for your gemstone jewelry hunt is your overall budget that you are going to set aside.

Usually, while buying Lapis Lazuli jewelry, you can find major variations in the price level. Further, this price can be potentially influenced by factors such as the quality, size and weight , as well as the design and craftmenship. Better to have a precise budget rather getting perplexed on the face of plethora of designs and types.

Wrapping up…

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