Two Digital Marketing Services Offered by eCommerce Website Agencies That Will Support SEO

Digital marketing services collectively encompass a wide range of different channels, such as paid social media services, PPC, eCommerce SEO, email marketing, and much more.

All of these, ultimately, are intended to drive new business to eCommerce businesses and capture new leads.

Among the most effective digital marketing strategies for eCommerce stores to use to reach new target audiences are SEO strategies.

A search-engine-optimized website for an online store will offer a superior user experience and will rank more effectively in the search results and will help bring in new organic traffic.

But, since marketing strategies work together, it always makes sense to work with an eCommerce website agency that offers the following supporting services.

Even if you don’t sign for them in addition to SEO, it makes sense to work with a business that has holistic expertise. Those that offer the following two services will likely be more proficient with SEO anyway.

Content Marketing

Content marketing will help SEO in a big way and honestly is probably the most effective supporting marketing service in terms of organic marketing.

This is because one whole quarter of SEO is dedicated to content as it is, it’s just that traditional SEO-optimized content was seen as inherently different from content for content marketing.

This hardly remains the case anymore. Though there are still things you can do to technically optimize a piece of content for search engines, nearly all content will have an impact on organic visibility.

Therefore, content produced solely for the purposes of content marketing is just as important as content produced just to increase organic visibility and improve keyword standings.

The other thing to keep in mind is that no one – not even digital marketing experts – can ever truly predict which pieces of a content stream will be the ones that perform best.

Sometimes expertly optimized blogs flop, other times CMS pages that appear to have no inherent keyword strategy take off and generate hundreds if not thousands of views.

So, given that unpredictability, and given the fact that content marketing copy is optimized for the user experience first and everything else secondarily, it is the single most important supporting service for an SEO campaign.

Social Media Management

After content marketing services, social media management can also have a big, positive impact on SEO.

For one thing, Google has openly said that social cues and social proof are ranking signals. So, the more active your social media accounts are, the better your SEO campaigns will perform.

The other aspect of this has to do with authority and credibility. SEO is intended to improve these, and being more active on social media will help.

The more reliably you interact with followers and visitors to your pages, the more you will be seen by an authority not only by users, but by Google, and that will boost rankings.

Also – and not that this directly helps SEO – being active on social media will humanize your brand and make it much more relatable. It can also help you improve customer service.

Hire an eCommerce Website Agency with a History of Success

Because these two supporting services often have a positive impact on SEO, it’s beneficial to work with an eCommerce website agency that specializes in them.

It can also benefit a website in the long term if its partner also offers design and development services, as website functionality can also improve SEO from a technical standpoint.

These truths hold true regardless of your online business’s size or the industry it serves – so keep them in mind the next time you are vetting a digital marketing agency.

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