Unlocking Vastu Secrets: Essential Tips for Positive Living in Flats and Apartments

In today’s fast-paced world, flats have become the preferred choice for many couples and families due to various reasons such as space constraints, economic feasibility, and safety considerations. With the rise of skyscrapers in urban areas, flats offer a practical solution that doesn’t strain the budget. As more people opt for flats, the importance of Vastu Shastra in these dwellings is also gaining recognition. People are increasingly consulting Vastu experts to ensure harmony and positive energy in their living spaces.

Buying a flat that is entirely Vastu compliant may be challenging since most flats are constructed based on standardized layouts. However, to find the best Vastu-compliant flat, one must consider several aspects of the apartment. Vastu principles for flats and apartments may vary from person to person, as each individual has their own favorable and unfavorable directions.

Balancing the energy within a flat or apartment is essential, as we are surrounded by energy particles that flow in specific directions. Aligning your directions with the cosmic energy flow can bring positive effects, while misalignment can lead to disturbances. By applying Vaastu principles, you can effectively balance the cosmic field in your living space.


Following these rules can help balance the energy in your flat or apartment and create a harmonious living environment.

 Let’s explore some Vastu tips for flats and apartments:

  • The main door direction should align with your favorable direction according to Vastu principles.
  • It is advisable to have the entrance in the North or East direction rather than South or West.
  • Focus on the main door of the building or apartment, which should ideally face North or East.
  • Avoid having your flat’s main door open against the main door of another flat.
  • The shape of the flat should preferably be square or rectangular, avoiding C or L shapes.
  • The bedroom should ideally be located in the South-West corner for peace and sound sleep.
  • Avoid placing toilets or bathrooms in the Southwest or Northeast directions.
  • North-East or North-West is considered the best position for a children’s bedroom.
  • Ensure there is no staircase or lift directly in front of the flat to prevent hindrances to progress.
  • The kitchen should ideally be located in the South-East direction as per Vastu guidelines.
  • While cooking, one should face the East direction for positive energy flow.
  • Avoid placing the kitchen directly in front of the main gate.
  • Toilets or restrooms should be built in quiet areas, preferably in the North-West or South-East corners.
  • Avoid locating the kitchen and Pooja room near the bathroom or toilet.
  • The underground water tank should be positioned in the North-East direction, while rooftop water tanks should face South-West.
  • Aim for an even number of skylights, windows, and doors in the flat, such as 2, 4, or 6.
  • Avoid painting the walls in red, black, or sky colors, as per Vastu recommendations.
  • Ensure there are no obstructions in front of the main gate, such as electric poles or trees.
  • Avoid buying flats with cuts in the North-East or South-East directions.
  • The balcony should ideally face East or North.
  • Wells or bore wells should not be located in the South-East, North-West, or South-West directions.
  • Drainage openings should be in the West, North, or North-West directions.
  • The North-East corner of the flat can be used as a Pooja room, left open, or utilized for other purposes like lawns or gardens.
  • Slopes in the flat should allow rainwater to flow from South to North or West to East.

By following these Vastu tips for flats, you can create a happy and prosperous living environment for your family. For more accurate and personalized Vastu solutions, consider consulting Vaastu experts before buying a flat or constructing an apartment. Talk to an Online Vastu Consultant today to ensure your living space aligns with positive energy flow and promotes well-being and prosperity.

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