What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is an ecosystem based on the online game Axie Infinity. The platform is developed by Sky Mavis studio. The project uses the Play-to-Earn concept. Gameplay takes place in a virtual environment populated by Axie creatures. The platform allows you to cross them, creating new characters. Players earn by winning battles and selling virtual creatures.

The project’s meta universe features player-owned territories. Areas are used for gameplay and resource extraction, and they can also be sold or rented out. The Axie Infinity GameFi-project was built on top of Ethereum. A full ecosystem was deployed on the Ronin sidechain.

The platform uses two ERC-20 tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). The developers also announced the release of the Ronin coin (RON).

Axie, virtual territories and objects exist outside the game space. All objects are presented in the form of Ronin-based NFTs. They are traded on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. A crosschain bridge is used to move assets between Ronin and Ethereum.

The platform allows AXS to be stacked. The exchange of ERC-20 tokens in the Ronin network is done using DEX Katana. The exchange allows you to interact with AXS, SLP, USDC and WETH, as well as invest in liquidity pools.

How do I play and earn in Axie Infinity?

The main characters in the online game are Axie creatures. Creatures are divided into several classes: beast, plant, waterfowl, bird, insect, and reptile. Additional types include “twilight” and “dawn”.

Axie has different characteristics: health, speed, experience, and morale. The classes differ in strengths and weaknesses. For example, birds are characterized by high speed, and plants have significant health benefits.

Creatures have six body parts. These include eyes, ears, mouth, horn, back, and tail. Each Axie is characterized by a set of elements that make the characters unique. The creature’s individual traits determine its combat characteristics. The better they are, the better the chances of winning battles. Creatures with a certain set of characteristics are of high value.

You can produce offspring by crossing two Axis. The process of Axie development takes time. There are additional restrictions when breeding creatures to prevent excessive population growth.

How tokenomics works in the game and how it affects the Axie Infinity live price chart.

ERC-20 and NFT tokens were originally hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, the assets are issued on the Ronin sidechain. After that, the Axie Infinity live price chart started to grow. The latter supports AXS, SLP, USDC and WETH (wrapped ETH) tokens. NFTs representing Axie, lands and game items have been released on the sidechain.

The main token of the ecosystem is AXS. SLP coins are used in gameplay to pay rewards and in Axie breeding. They are limited to a maximum issue of 3.2 billion, with all tokens in circulation. The developers plan to use RON coins to pay out rewards in the ecosystem.

The maximum issue of AXS is 290 million. The tokens are issued gradually. The assets are sent to the project team to implement the Play-to-Earn program, to pay out steak rewards, as well as to solve other tasks.

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Axie Infinity price prediction

The functionality of the ecosystem is expanding and improvements are being made to gameplay. The roadmap plans to implement gameplay on Lunacia lands, as well as launch an alpha version of the Lunacia SDK. This is a map editor that allows area owners to create mini-games and virtual real estate. As of 2021, gameplay is available to iOS and Android users, which expands the project’s audience. Against this backdrop, Axie Infinity price prediction is very positive.

Initially, game assets were hosted on Ethereum, but in 2020, NFT was moved to Ronin. The creators plan to use the sidechain as a GameFi-oriented platform. Ronin will allow third-party developers to run games and decentralized applications.

DEX Katana will launch in late 2021. Developing the ecosystem was facilitated by the addition of WETH and stablecoins to the exchange. The ability to quickly convert project tokens into “stablecoins” allows players to keep funds on the platform.

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